{ What we bring to the party }
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Read Between the Lines

Read Between The Lines is a management consulting and business development company that deals with the business and commercial side of Hooligan Development. The services that Read Between The Lines provide are based on many years in the advertising and marketing industry dealing with the financial and operational area’s of the business at a management and board level.

Read Between The Lines Managing Director, Samantha Condon, works closely with Hooligan management assisting with client partnerships, legal advice, HR matters and financial planning.

Our partnership was established in order for the Hooligan team to focus on development and servicing of clients while the Read Between The Lines team assists us in achieving business goals and future growth.

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OhWow Studios

Hooligan Development works hand in hand with OhWow Studios for all specialist design of functional and creative user experience/interface for applied products, websites, apps and CMS.

OhWow Studios has 18 years experience in design and development across various industries and has gained extensive marketing experience in large agency environments, as well as on small bespoke projects.

The range of OhWow Studios’ contribution to Hooligan includes: Web design and digital media production, gif and flash animation, video editing, internet marketing media, mailers, HTML & HTML 5 websites.

OhWow and Hooligan collaborate on the project planning with great consideration to ensure successful delivery and outcomes for our clients.