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Who we are

Hooligan Development is a custom software development house specializing in OTT, VOD and Live Streaming dev solutions through the deployment of high-performing Dev teams that are scalable, proactive and take ownership of the development from start to end.

We develop cutting edge methodologies and rethink new ways to break molds and elevate the streaming industry. The idea that work should be challenging, and the challenge should be fun, is an ideology that has stuck since our inception.

Since 2013 we have grown to have squads and tribes across Africa, Europe, Asia, and clients worldwide. But the results that matter are the ones we have crushed for those clients.

What we believe

To be potent as a development house, passion and emotional investment are needed to create user-centric tech that achieves the results required. And boy, do we get passionate. 

Our mission is to iterate value into every solution to make a difference to every platform’s productivity, performance, and bottom-line. It is that mission that allows Hooligan Development to build genuine, lasting relationships with clients.

That's why with Hooligan Development, you'll get the kind of hands-on attention you deserve. With this belief, we have set our sights on becoming a leading OTT software development company globally, and what we set our sights on we achieve as a rule.

How we can help you

Our unique approach lies in getting to grips with your operation and its performance so intimately, you'd think we already worked for you. We optimise your tech and operations by implementing autonomous processes, engineering intuitive system architectures, and infusing a high performing culture and work environment everywhere we code.

Our global squads of DevOps experts collaborate and are continuously challenged to ensure our clients are provided with complete working results. That means your development needs are seen through a global lens that looks at challenging what's possible in OTT. 

And while we take our work seriously, we believe that you can be serious without a suit – we're developers after all and rebels at heart.

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Connected Devices and Versions
Continents of clients
VODing for 9 years and counting.

The only thing more demanding than a VOD user is a VOD platform. Luckily we understand both and have spent thousands of hours developing the skills and systems to address these very specific demands. From increased observability and platform stability to decreased downtime, our specialised DevOps teams deliver experiences that will ensure your users keep coming back.

Meet the Hooligans
Ricardo Carvalho
Managing Director
Ricardo is a software engineer with a deep desire to explore new technologies and new implementations of existing and legacy technologies.

As Managing Partner of Hooligan Development, he works across the business aligning the strategic intent and objectives of each project. Due to his experience, he has deep insights into data structuring, analytics and information persistence, but most importantly, how to connect all of these.

Having been a developer who worked in global digital agencies, software and hardware solutions companies, Ricardo has an unflinching track record of work and service dedication on the various tasks at hand. After all that, it was time to jump into the entrepreneurial sphere. And that's when Ricardo and Malcolm co-founded Hooligan Development, in 2013.
Malcolm McMorran
Chief Technology Officer
Malcolm is a software engineer and web guru with an extreme passion for software development, especially new and groundbreaking technology.
As Co-Owner and Senior Engineer, Malcolm leads the development teams in pushing the envelope and what is possible of each project. Due to his love of automation and hate of doing things twice, he strives for excellence the first time around.
Having acquired extensive experience in numerous technologies allows him to create exciting, dynamic and user-friendly solutions that clients expect. Malcolm has a proven track record of creating high performance, goal and quality centric teams across multiple projects. All of that is prologue to the Hooligan Development years. Since it's founding, Malcolm and Ricardo have grown Hooligan Development from strength to strength, and knock down all the preconceived notions of tech in Africa.
Abdoul Ouattara
Software Engineer

Abdoul is a senior android developer, who has a knack for mobile development. He studied
computer system engineering at the Tshwane University of Technology. After
graduating, he took many different role such junior smart developer where he was
involved with many project mainly Java enterprise. Once he played around with
android development, he never looked back. He has been doing Android
development for the past 7 years and is also interested in Flutter and

Blake Loizides
Software Engineer

Blake's specialty is creating streamlined mobile applications. His passion lies in developing
tools that make people’s lives easier.

Mohau Mpoti
Software Engineer

Mohau is a computer programmer by trait.He started to tinkering with
mobile development by learning J2ME, a lightweight JAVA framework designed to
work with feature phones - phones that predate modern smartphones. In 2015, a
year after Swift was introduced as an official language for the iOS platform, he
then explored iOS development and has never looked back.

Charlene Baatjies
QA Analyst

She has been in IT for 20 years, in the Testing domain for the last 19 years and the
other year of her career was in a Production data center. She is very passionate
about testing and believe that quality sells the product.

Bongane Mgcina
QA Analyst

He is certified ISTQB Agile Tester, qTest Manager and Tricentis Tosca Automation Bongane is a Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the banking, logistics and supply chain industry. He has six years of experience as a Quality Assurance Analyst.

Blair Fraser
Account Director

She comes from a predominantly hospitality background from the beautiful Ulusaba in the Sabi Sands to the Guest Relations manager. She made a pivot back to marketing which she studied for 5 years ago. She has worked in a traditional digital agency and later as a project manager/ account manager. Now she has joined us as our new Account Director.

Amy van Niekerk
Human Resource Manager

Meet our new HR Manager Amy, she has worked in the field for 8 years.

Mlungisi Mbele
Software Engineer
Mlungisi graduated from Durban University of Technology in 2016 with a Bachelor of
Technology in Information Technology, Passed the ISTQB Foundation in software testing exam
in 2016 with an 80% pass percentage to receive his ISTQB Foundation certificate in software
testing, graduated from Durban University of Technology in 2014 with a National Diploma in
Information Technology. During his studies he was tasked with the role of scrum master in his
3 RD year project, which was developed using MVC5, C#, code first database and the agile
methodology (scrum). After university he also underwent training on programming in C#, web
development, Introduction to programming, Effective time management, Microsoft Project
2010 Essentials, Microsoft Project 2010 Advanced, Customers are really everything, Effective
communication in the workplace, Effective presentation skills, excel vba programming,
Microsoft SQL Server at Bytes People Solutions. All of which enhanced his problem identifying
and problem-solving abilities. He is a quality assurance professional whom has
been exposed to and understands most roles within the SDLC, having been a scrum master,
business analyst, developer and quality assurance analyst during his Invotech business
incubator and Titan Ropes projects and understands user interfaces as per his studies during
Bachelor of Technology.
Clifford Hattingh
Software Engineer

Clifford started his career in the gaming industry, turning a hobby into a job and over
the years grew within the company from customer support to 3D artist and
eventually game developer doing both the artwork and coding for mini-games
before switching over to mobile app development.

Elizabeth Provic
Software Engineer

Elisabeth is our versatile front-end developer passionate about learning new technologies.
She is a team player, always open for suggestions and a firm believer that there is
always room for improvement.

Ian Tolmay
Software Engineer
Ian is mostly a self taught web developer, focusing mainly on the functionality of
web design using frameworks such as Angular, and React.js. He is getting used to design flow, in order to become as full stack as possible.
Lechelle Theron
Software Engineer

Lechelle is passionate about branding and visibility, both online and offline. This
passion has sparked a career in design and website development.

Anthony Carvalho
Software Engineer

Anthony is a software developer with a background in website development.

Olivia Craggs
Software Engineer

Olivia was a personal trainer previously, and now is pursuing her true passion
as a software developer.

Mark Steinbuch
Software Engineer

Mark the Designer, developer and web technologist. He has worked in the digital space
since graduating from the University of Johannesburg with a bachelor of science
in Computer Science. Since then, he has built multiple websites, apps, installations
and games using various technologies. In 2019, he joined a start-up interior design
firm. During this time, he has had the opportunity to develop his entrepreneurial
skills while maintaining his IT abilities through digital projects and contract work.

Monique Naude
Client Liaison Officer

Monique is a our new client liaison officer. 

Ryan Groenewald

Ryan is an Experienced Digital Art Director / Designer with a demonstrated history of
working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Digital Strategy, Through-
The-Line campaigns, Digital/Social campaigns, Conceptual thinking, UI Design, Web
Design, Animation, Logo Design, Integrated Marketing, Typography and Advertising in

Vivienne Fourie
Personal Assistant

Vivienne is a Personal Assistant for the Director of Hooligan Development.She
keeps in contact with Clients and make sure to relay tasks or requirements from the Clients onto the
allocated Team members. She also keeps up to date with all our Hooligans and tries to help everyone where she can with anything that they need.

Wayne Steedman
Software Engineer

Wayne has been in the development profession for around 8 years, now.
Previously, He focused on back-end development, but has been branching out as
the years have moved on, having experience in back-end, front-end, SQL, Android
and some Cross-Platform App dev. He love learning, and likes to think that he pick
things up relatively quickly and understand concepts well when he puts his mind to

Hal Fynn
Software Engineer

Hal is an extremely dedicated software engineer, with 13 years of experience in developing
and implementing ERP systems. He has amassed a vast knowledge of automating
business processes in almost every industry - from Transport to Education, from
Manufacturing to Finance, and many more.

Thabo Klass
Software Engineer

Thabo’s drive into computer programming started as a child, with QBasic which was

a tool where children could learn to program in Basic. As the web became

popular, he and some friends started tinkering with JavaScript and HTML. He went

on to do a general first year BSc which included, among other things, Advanced

Calculus, Linear Algebra, Programming in C++ and Databases. He went to Wits

University to further my studies where he continued to create 3D graphics, user

interfaces and Java/traditional LAMP projects.

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