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Full service DevOps Solutions

Deploy purpose-built squads to tackle your technical, process, measurement and cultural capability issues by fusing strategic sound DevOps principles into the DNA of your organisation.

Whether you need fintech, medical, retail, logistics, agriculture, or even entertainment development expertise, Hooligan tailors a squad to suit.

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How does your DevOps stack up

The speed and performance of software delivery is fast becoming the key value driver and differentiator between competitors today. The speed at which you deliver can make or break it for your users and your bottom-line. Knowing the difference between top performing and low performing teams, and how to increase your own competitiveness will be vital to your business success.

What's so great about our solutions?

When your rapid growth gets ahead of you, your burn rates start showing flames, or a lack of development focus leaves more goals unchecked then crushed, you need an out-sourced dev team
Agile & Scalable
Our globally available and time zone agnostic team operates like a well high performance machine. With a highly flexible and scalable team, rest assured that we're on top of everything, stabilising the code base for future expansions.
Our Squads ability to take ownership of the code, allows us to execute autonomously as an extension of your business, as if we were an inhouse dev team.
Our overall approach stemming from a sound strategic base provides a bulter-like service whereby every need is satisfied, any issues eradicated in no time and all without you lifting a finger.
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