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Hooligans Assemble!

We assemble and deploy teams of top specialist developers, designers, engineers, architects and testers to deliver purpose-built DevOps solutions crafted around your OTT platform needs.

Our highly-specialised teams cover a diverse range of skills, including DevOps, front-end, back-end and mobile development, UX, UI and product design, as well as testing and quality control.

Back-End Dev
Front-End Dev
Mobile Dev

High-performing squads for high-performing OTT

Account Management
Project Management
Cloud Architects

How does your OTT platform stack up?

The speed and performance of software delivery is fast becoming the key value driver and differentiator between competitors today. The speed at which you deliver can make or break it for your subscribers and your bottom-line. These are just some of the benefits of deploying a Hooligan High-Performance Dev team.

We’re a little OCD about OTT.
And you wouldn’t want it any other way.

In the crazy competitive OTT market, your platform is your product and if your system is unable to deliver the service you’ve promised your users, they’ll bounce to a new provider. But we won’t let that happen to you with these key benefits of our deployed squads:

When your burn rates start showing flames, or a lack of development focus leaves more goals unchecked, our managed teams streamline your operations and deployment with zero disruption.
Agile & Scalable
Our globally available and time zone agnostic team operates like a high performance machine. With a highly flexible and scalable team, rest assured that we're on top of everything, stabilising the code base for future expansions.
Our ability to take ownership of the code, allows us to execute autonomously as an extension of your business, as if we were an inhouse dev team from the start. This way we predict obstacles long before they become an issue.
Our approach provides a butler-like service whereby every need is satisfied, any issues eradicated in no time and all without you lifting a finger. No more meetings about meetings, freeing you up to do what you do best.

OTT Challenges solved by our teams?

The only way to retain subscribers is to keep them happy. We happen to know just how to do that.

There's a very fine line between advertising and just annoying your viewers. We won't let you cross that line.

When users pay per view, they tend to expect a little more you. We'll help you meet those expectations.

Live Streaming
In the world of live broadcast, a few seconds of downtime can turn real-time into replay. We'll spare you those seconds (and the embarrassment).

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