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Desktop Development

We offer Reliable and Secure Microsoft Technology Development Solutions. We are experienced in developing Innovative and Intuitive MS Technology Desktop Apps.

Windows Form Application

Our developers at Hooligan Development work really hard to provide the best performance and power of Windows Form Applications using the modern UI of web apps. Our expertise and skills are awesome and transform your ideas into new apps and products. We aim to improve app performance and reduce the complexity of business operations to augment the productivity of your business. We are highly experienced and have huge knowledge in developing desktop apps for a different range of industries like Financial services, IT, Medical, Real Estate, Education, Hospitality and more.

Our expertise in Windows Form Application Development

  • One-time cost & less involve recurring costs
  • Rich User Interface
  • Better Performance
  • Full control & protection from various susceptibilities
Web API, WCF – Web Service

We have been witness to situations where business models and markets have changed dynamically and so they force change in the applications that support them. However the sad part is that during all these changes that take place Quality assurance or software testing is often taken off the budget in spite of being aware of the fact that the software defects are likely to have considerable and direct impact on brand goodwill and profitability. Even the minutest defect may lead to a situation where the impact on business – customers and partners is irreversible at times. Telecom testing is boosting to improve the level of telecom hub and we are providing the best telecom testing services to improve their low areas.

Our specialization in serving different Web API, WCF Web Services

  • Based on SOAP & return data in the form of XML
  • WCF has tedious and extensive configuration
  • Develop REST-full services on the .NET Framework
  • Build HTTP services using new framework in simple manner
  • Progress of Web service that supports different protocols